feet2At the moment life is very hectic getting organised for this walk, there is much kit buying, route mapping, fund-raising, grappling with social media and of course training going on.

I am indebted to my friends who have helped fundraise by manning stalls and donating items to raise money (Team Davies xx ) and to my friends who are helping with the logistics and technical issues…..and most of all to Mark who puts up with me and who is so supportive…..he is hoping to join me on this trek as much as he can….

Over the next few weeks I will be finalising my twitter, instagram, justgiving and facebook group and I would love you not only to follow me but join me if you can on my walk around Britain. And if any of you know anyone who is able to let me put me up in my tent in a safe area of their garden or put the kettle on as I go past I would be so grateful.

Mr Andrew James, Consultant PodiatristEarly December, I hit a major milestone in my walk preparation. Over the previous few months Mr Andrew James, a Consultant Podiatrist from Spire Hospital Cardiff had been creating a set of orthotics to help me complete my challenge.  I suffer from Equinus which means that I walk on the balls of my feet which causes pain. This manifests itself in plantar and Achilles pain.  Andrew has remedied this with specialist orthotics and amazingly has kindly given not only his time but his expertise and the orthotics for free. I am so incredibly grateful. I am self- funding my walk and this helps so much. Thank you Andrew.

Following the Sky News and  Wales Online articles I did not expect the amount of publicity they raised nor the new followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook … but I just want to assure my family and friends who thought I had left without saying goodbye that I am still here, 😃

radio2Its been a whirlwind of interviews on both radio and television.  Jason Mohammed and the Rev Kate Bottley were so lovely and welcoming on Radio 2, and I never thought we’d get a chance to sit on the red sofa with Louise Minchin and Roger Johnson on Breakfast TV (even though the tv appearance was touch and go as Mark dropped a ladder on his face whilst getting something out the loft the previous night, and they needed to see his photo first! Luckily he got through vetting process – thank heavens for the hair and make up department!) Click here to see the interview –  It was an unbelievable morning!

red sofa

I set out on the 14th January 2019 leaving home here in Pennard with Carl Elliott equipped with our rucksacks and tents to walk to Tenby which will take 7 days before Carl flies to America. From there I walk to Fishguard before catching the ferry to Rosslare where I begin the 2nd leg of my journey clockwise around the coast of Ireland on the 3rd February. I anticipate that it will take 6-7 months to walk around Ireland before coming back to the mainland at Fishguard in September 2019. From there I will head north along the Welsh Coast again travelling around Britain in a clockwise direction walking as many of the Islands as I can. I anticipate it will take 3 1/2 to 4 years to complete.

cropped itinerary

My route is plotted until Fishguard and I’ll post future routes as soon as they’re planned. If anyone would like to join me along the route, I’d love to see you!



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DONATE HERE and help me reach my fundraising target for Alzheimer’s Research UK


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